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Single-player survival mystery Escape Dead Island announced

Yet another spin-off, set between Dead Island and Dead Island 2.

Deep Silver has announced yet another Dead Island game.

Escape Dead Island is a third-person single-player spin-off for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 due out autumn 2014.

Over on the PlayStation blog Deep Silver narrative producer Alex Toplansky described Escape Dead Island as a survival mystery game with a "fresh perspective" on the Dead Island universe.

It's a bridge between the events of Dead Island and Dead Island 2 (check out our just-published Dead Island 2 preview for more), and reveals the origins of the virus. The protagonist is Cliff Calo, who's "watching his world unravel". You can see this happening in the trailer, below.

Calo arrives on the island of Narapela, part of the Banoi archipelago, to document the unexplained events happening there. He's haunted by Déjà vu throughout the adventure.

There's the melee combat Dead Island is known for alongside surreal visuals and set pieces that play out as part of Calo's "struggle against insanity".

Escape Dead Island is developed by War of the Vikings and War of the Roses maker Fatshark Sweden. It costs £39.99 on console and £34.99 on PC.

Deep Silver has moved quickly to expand the Dead Island universe following the breakout success of the first game.

Dead Island launched in 2011. Then there was a sequel, Dead Island: Riptide, which launched in 2013. Another sequel, Dead Island 2, comes out in spring 2015. There's a MOBA, too, called Dead Island: Epidemic. And now Escape Dead Island, due out this year.

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