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SimGolf goes sci-fi in "management sim, tower defense, pinball hybrid" GolfTopia

From devs behind Space Pirates and Zombies.

MinMax Games, the developer behind indie hits Space Pirates and Zombies 1 & 2, has unveiled GolfTopia, a "humorous" futuristic sci-fi spin on the classic SimGolf management formula.

GolfTopia - which MinMax describes as a "retro-futuristic golf management sim, tower defense, pinball hybrid" in a post to Reddit - casts players as rulers of their own intergalactic golfing resort, tasking them with constructing holes and satisfying their visitors' needs in order to grow from a simple pitch and putt into a mega-successful tourist destination.

"Place every tee, every hole and every devious sand trap," explains MinMax, "Lure in visitors, while keeping them fed, hydrated, and pacified. Make them happy enough and they'll turn into prestigious members, or drive them to madness in a fiendish golf gauntlet!".

Cover image for YouTube videoGOLFTOPIA Announcement Trailer

Players will have various tools at their disposal in order to scrutinise their visitors' thoughts (ranging from "I have to pee" to "The green is too large"), and to create the golfing resort of their dreams. These include terrain tools and an increasingly exotic array of contraptions to push courses to their futuristic limits, including fans, bumpers, teleporters, and launchers. And it'll even be possible to head down to the green yourself and play your own creations.

Adding to the management woes, however, are the deadly alien weeds that constantly threaten to engulf your beautiful resort and ruin your handiwork, but which you're able hold back by deploying the likes of worker drones and defensive turrets.

MinMax says that GolfTopia is currently expected to launch on Steam in Q1 next year.