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Shops say Diablo 3 is coming to Xbox One

And Blizzard doesn't deny it.

Diablo 3 for Xbox One on Argos' website.

Is Diablo 3 coming to Xbox One? Some shops seem to think so.

An eagle-eyed reader alerted Eurogamer to the existence of a listing on Argos's website for Blizzard's action role-playing game on the Xbox One. You can pre-order it and everything.

The origin of this may have been Best Buy Canada, which listed the game for release before last night removing the product page.

Blizzard issued the following statement to Eurogamer:

"One of our goals is to bring Diablo 3 to as many players as possible, but we don't have any other platform announcements to share at this time."

Not a denial, then. And the game's release on Microsoft's new console would make sense - it's currently available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and due out on PlayStation 4 after the Reaper of Souls expansion launches in March. Why not Xbox One? Perhaps the PS4 version is a timed exclusive.

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