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Shivering Isles dated, priced

Plus new details.

Bethesda has finally confirmed that Shivering Isles will be released everywhere on 27th March, for PC and Xbox 360.

Console gamers will be able to grab Oblivion's first expansion pack from Xbox Live for 2400 points, whilst PC enthusiasts will have to nab a copy for US$ 30. There's currently no word on a PS3 version.

However, Bethesda has no future plans to release anything other than smaller downloadable additions to the game.

"Perhaps another download or so, but other then that, we don't have any plans to do another expansion after Shivering Isles," said Todd Howard, executive producer for the game, responding to a question about what comes next.

Bruce Nesmith, design director for the game, has also been speaking out, lifting the veil on new features for Shivering Isles on the official Elder Scrolls forums.

For instance, crafting abilities will let you make new weapons and armour. So, for an Amber set of duds (light armour) you'll have to visit the forge located in the Bliss, the mania side of the city of New Sheoth; whilst a heavy armour outfit will take you to Crucible, the dark and brooding side of the city representing dementia.

All in all Nesmith reckoned there are more than 200 new weapons and 80 pieces of armour, including Duskfang/Dawnfang, a blade that increases in power the more people you kill with it. There's also the ultimate prize, the Staff of Sheogorath (not the same one from Cyrodiil), which apparently features a never-seen-before power.

New enemies take the form of Zealots, Heretics and Knights of Order, plus new one-use Matrices found across the land will make random magical equipment.

Nesmith reckons there's about 30-40 hours of new content here, although we won't see any big changes to existing gameplay and mechanics.

Shivering Isles is the first proper expansion pack for the The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It takes place in the wacky realm of Daedra Prince Sheogorath, who looks to you to become his champion and save his world from invasion.

Pop over to our Shivering Isles first impressions for more information.

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