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Shigeru Miyamoto visits Louvre to test Nintendo's 3DS tour guide

In pictures: Nintendo legend meets French art.

From the bygone days of Mario Paint to the recent success of Art Academy via countless scribbles in PictoChat and Letter Box, Nintendo has often offered gamers a little bit of culture. Or the chance to draw obscene pictures and show your friends.

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto is no exception to the Nintendo-wide love of art: here he is touring the world-famous Louvre to test out the gallery's new Nintendo-designed 3DS tour guide.

The top Parisian tourist destination snapped up 5000 Nintendo 3DS consoles last year in a plan to update its stock of audio guide equipment.

Each console comes with specially-designed software that tracks user progress around the exhibits and includes over 700 commentaries on the gallery's many works of art.

Essential attractions are highlighted so viewers won't miss them, while a couple of tours are offered to herd visitors around in an orderly fashion.

The guides are available to use from today. How does the software look? Cast your eyes below.