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Sherlock Holmes adventure Crimes & Punishments announced for PlayStation 4

The sign of the PS4.

Frogwares' latest title in its expansive series of Sherlock Holmes adventures, Crimes & Punishments, has just been announced for PS4.

This will be in addition to already announced platforms PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Due in early 2014, Crimes & Punishments is the first game in the series to use switch over to Unreal Engine 3, making it a little behind the times for a game coming to a next-gen console as well.

Besides appearing on a new console and using a new engine, Crimes & Punishments is also reinventing the series by redesigning the look of the world's greatest detective*. He now sports a younger, fresher appearance without a dear-stalker cap - or any hat, for that matter - in sight. This latest iteration of the series will be the first to contain moral choices and branching narrative paths.

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*That isn't Batman.