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Settle the score with Samurai Gunn, out now on PC

20 per cent off this week.

Minimalist Bushido dueling game Samurai Gunn is out now on PC on both Steam and developer Teknopants' website.

Available at 20 per cent off until 17th December - at which point the price will go from £9.59 / $11.99 to £11.99 / $14.99 - Samurai Gunn is a competitive brawler in which two to four players are armed with a sword and gun(n). The kicker: everyone dies in one hit and you only get three bullets per life. Better start counting shots before you grossly underestimate your opponent.

End in a draw and you get a wonderful sudden death clash of blades set to a backdrop of a setting sun.

"Despite its lo-fi aesthetic, Samurai Gunn's violence packs quite a punch," wrote EG-contributor Steve "say my name" Haske in his Samurai Gunn preview in September. I played a couple of rounds of it at GDC and gladly would have wiled away the rest of the day there had I not had to do work and stuff.

Samurai Gunn is also heading to Mac, PS4 and Vita though no release date has been announced for these platforms beyond the developer saying "soon" for Mac.

Looking ahead, Samurai Gunn's lead designer Beau Blyth is currently working on the beautiful indie adventure Hyper Light Drifter.

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