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Samurai Gunn is one brilliant 2D multiplayer game to look out for

One sword, three bullets, 10 kills. Gameplay footage inside.

Competitive 2D action game Samurai Gunn may not be out yet, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming a smash hit at this year's Fantastic Arcade in Austin, Texas where it saw its first official tournament.

Venus Patrol has a detailed report on exactly what makes Beau 'Teknopants' Blyth's 2D deathmatch game so enticing.

The gist is that two - four players are confined to a single-screen arena where the levels wrap around vertically (i.e. you fall through the floor and come out the ceiling) and they must do battle until someone reaches 10 kills.

What makes Samurai Gunn so appealing is how quick, brutal and elegant it is. You can slash your katana in any direction and you're equipped with a gun that only has three bullets per life. Keeping track of your foes' ammo supply is crucial as you go down in one hit. Bullets can be deflected with a well timed sword swing and if two players parry each other at the same time they'll both be thrown back

Stages are small, but your characters scamper around very quickly, so it doesn't appear cramped. The maps are made more dynamic by bamboo trees that can be chopped down only to gradually reappear over time. Evidently other stages contain traps that players can activate by striking with their sword.

While battles typically last until 10 kills, for particularly close rounds - like the one featured below between Super Hexagon creator Terry Cavanagh and indie developer Evan Balster - a swords-only showdown will be triggered in which the top opponents face off at sunset in true samurai fashion.

Samurai Gunn doesn't have a release date and is apparently still a ways from completion, but in the meantime feel free to check out Blyth's previous free two - four player zero gravity deathmatch game 0Space. It looks like it's up the same alley and can be seen in a fan-made trailer below.

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