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These Sennheiser wireless headphones are almost half price

John Lewis has knocked £84 off.

Sennheiser is always a reliable brand when it comes to audio products, thanks to their high quality design and versatile tech. Some pairs may not be specifically made for gaming like the GSP 300, but their sound quality is so good that they're great for gaming regardless.

The same applies to the HD 458BT, which can certainly be an improvement over your computer, laptop or TV speakers. John Lewis has shaved £84 off the price, meaning you can get yourself a new pair of Sennheiser headphones for pretty much half price.

The HD 458BTs offer good deep, dynamic bass that will make listening to music or battling in those boss fight arenas that much better. They also have active noise cancellation in a closed-back design, so external noise is counteracted which helps you focus on the things you really want to hear.

The microphone is designed mainly for use with phone assistants and calls, so it's not the best for in-game chat and talking over discord. It will be fine in a pinch, but you're better off pairing it with a seperate microphone like the HyperX SoloCast USB mic if you really need to talk a lot.

The 485BTs sport some nice design features that make travelling and using them a breeze. They have an inward-folding design so they can easily fit in your bag, and the ear cups have touch controls which let you adjust volume and play and pause media. These work on phones and on your PC, so you don't need to tab out of a game to adjust the volume.

The headphones connect wirelessly to your device via bluetooth and have a battery life of 30 hours, but they also come with a 3.5mm audio cable so you can plug it in to your PC, monitor, or TV when you're sat close by and don't plan on moving.

If you're after something more gamer-focused then you'll want to get ready for Amazon Prime Day when it starts on the 12th of July. There should be plenty of epic deals for Prime Members on gaming headsets, and they'll be covered in our best gaming deals guide and Digital Foundry's Prime Day PC deals guide. Also make sure to follow Jelly Deals on Twitter for headset deals and more leading up to and during Prime Day.

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