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Sega is suing Level-5 over its touchscreen controls in Inazuma Eleven

Seeks £6.8 million in damages.

Sega is suing Professor Layton publisher Level-5 for its use of a mechanic where players control characters via "a finger or pen" in its anime-inspired footy series Inazuma Eleven.

This of course sounds ridiculous as most DS games use the touchscreen in this regard, but according to Japanese publication Yomiuri Online (via Kotaku), Sega claims that Level-5 violated two patents.

It's unclear exactly what these patents entail, but Sega is seeking to cease sales of all eight Inazuma Eleven games and has requested Level-5 pay ¥900 million (£6.8 million) in damages.

Ostensibly this has something to do with Sega's popular Football Manager series, but the report did not call out that franchise by name.

Opening arguments were heard on 7th December. Level-5 has stated, "We are preparing our rebuttal and do not have any comments to make at this time."