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Sega confirms Crush3d, Shinobi delays

Crush3d now next year, Shinobi November.

Sega has confirmed the delay of two Nintendo 3DS games.

Eye-catching Nintendo 3DS title Crush3d was due for release on 9th September. It will now launch in early 2012.

No explanation was offered.

Meanwhile, Sega also announced that Shinobi has been delayed. It will launch on Nintendo 3DS on 15th November 2011, having been pegged for release in September.

Again, no explanation was given.

Crush3d is a new take on PlayStation Portable puzzle platformer Crush.

First released in 2007, the Kuju-developed effort was a quirky little gem that tasked you with 'crushing' a 3D world into 2D platforms and vice versa.

Crush3d is a redesigned version of the same game incorporating new locations, characters and a hint system. You'll also be able to leave gifts for friends to collect in-game, using the system's StreetPass feature.

Shinobi, developed by Gryptonite Games, is a 2.5D platformer that tells the story of Jiro Musashi, the leader of the Oboro clan and father of Joe Musashi, the protagonist of the first Shinobi game.