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Sega bringing Total War: Medieval 2 to iOS and Android devices this "spring"

To be this good takes Middle Ages.

The Creative Assembly's much-loved historical strategy game Total War: Medieval 2 is making its way to iOS and Android devices sometime this spring.

The original Total War: Medieval 2 released for PC all the way back in 2006, giving players control of a medieval faction and the tools of government, military, economy, diplomacy, and religion required to shape its historical course across three continents.

But while Medieval 2 is undoubtedly an oldie at this point, its combination of large-scale real-time battles and compelling turn-based strategy on a global map is a treat, with Eurogamer contributor Alec Meer going as far as to call it "the most detailed and absorbing strategy game to stalk the Earth" at the time of its initial release.

Total War: Medieval 2 - iOS and Android Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"It's an absolute joy to take the accomplishments of Rome to the broader world, politicking and technology of the 11th to 16th centuries," Alec wrote. "Though familiar, Medieval 2 is breathtaking in its depth, fiendishly challenging in all the right ways and a big old phlegmy spit right in the eye of anything else foolish enough to claim ownership of the strategy crown."

Total War: Medieval 2's transition to mobile devices is being handled by Feral Interactive, and publisher Sega is promising a "full game without compromise" from the studio, incorporating the likes of the bespoke touch control system that debuted in Rome: Total War. "These improvements further facilitate players' mastery of tactics and command as they manoeuvre thousands of on-screen units in their quest to conquer the mobile battlefield," says Sega.

There's no exact release date for Total War: Medieval 2 on iOS and Android just yet, but it's currently pencilled in for a launch this "spring".