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Sci-fi Worms for Wii

Wigglers get overhaul.

THQ has reared its head from the fluffy top soil to tell us there's a new Worms game being made especially for Wii.

It means developer Team 17 can re-imagine the historic series for the most popular console in the UK, focusing on the controls and slinging a few party games in to round it off.

But most exciting to us because we're not very exciting is word it will come packaged in a completely new visual style, something inspired by classic science fiction. Although we're not sure whether that means 2D or 3D, yet.

Your teams of wrigglers will try and kill each other on different planets this time, each with its own global events. Pulling the various triggers will involve waving your arms about in silly ways, coupled with on-screen hints and a new user interface so you won't get too angry that your children are beating you and you can't work out why.

However, if you don't have required children, then A Space Oddity will let you try and beat up to three of your friends online. And yes, you will be able to customise your little fish food people more than ever, rather than relying on naughty names and dodgy accents.

Worms: A Space Oddity is due for release on Wii next spring.