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Save over 10 per cent on PlayStation store gift cards at ShopTo

To use on games and PS Plus subscription services.

It's not often we get discounts on gift cards for digital and gaming services, particularly those that can be used directly for monetary credit. But right now, ShopTo has some decent discounts going on a range of PlayStation store gift cards.

Although there is a saving of just over £10 on the £100 gift card, the best value item seems to be the £80 gift card available for £69.85. While this is a similar saving of £10, it's a bigger, 13 per cent saving overall.

The best thing about these gift cards is you can use them not only for games and expansion packs, but also PS Plus memberships. While the Essential tier is necessary for online gaming and gives you two games to download each month, the new Extra and Premium tiers give you access to many games across the PlayStation library, including recent hit games such as Returnal.

In fact, if game streaming isn't your thing and you'd like to opt for the Extra tier, the £84 gift card (the amount for an annual membership) is down to just £77.85. This is ideal if you want to give the gift of a full subscription service to great games to yourself or a friend.

If you're after a smaller gift card to top-up for just a game or two, the £40 gift card is reduced by 10 per cent to £35.85 as is the £50 which is available for £44.85 from ShopTo.

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