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Save nearly 50 per cent on SteelSeries' Prime and Prime Mini wireless mice

One of the best ultra-light mice available.

It's really tough to choose an ideal mouse, particularly as there are so many options to choose from. SteelSeries are known to produce some of the best PC accessories in the business, and their Prime series mice are currently on sale.

The SteelSeries Prime wireless gaming mouse is down to just £69.99 on Amazon right now, a huge discount from its usual RRP of £129.99. This discounted price is also available from Currys.

It's one of the most premium mice available right now with so many great features. Firstly, it weighs just 80g and has a battery life of up to 100 hours, so you can play for long sessions without as much wrist strain as heavier mice or worry about it dying mid-game in a Call of Duty session. The optical magnetic switch means your clicks will feel great and transfer to the game at lightning speed. You can also switch between profiles thanks to a button at the bottom of the mouse, saving you the hassle of fidgeting constantly with software.

Our American readers don't miss out either, as Amazon US have it available for $82.43, a chunky discount off the stateside RRP of $129.99

If you're after something even lighter, check out SteelSeries' Prime Mini wireless mouse. This weighs just 73g, and is down to £74.99 at Amazon, a 42 per cent discount off the usual RRP.

Yes, it's lighter and slightly smaller than its Prime bigger brother, but it has the same excellent features of high-speed connectivity, great battery life and textured grip for great ergonomics. It's also one of Digital Foundry's recommended ultra-light gaming mice, an important seal of approval from our resident tech gurus.

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