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Sam & Max: Save the World, Beyond Time and Space remasters heading to PlayStation

Out at the end of September.

Sam & Max: Save the World and its follow-up season Beyond Time and Space will be making their way to Playstation in remastered form on 29th September.

Sam & Max: Save the World and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space were, if you're unfamiliar, some of the earliest titles from The Walking Dead studio Telltale Games (releasing in 2006 and 2007 respectively), each serving up a six-episode arc of point-and-click mayhem starring Steve Purcell's anarchic comic book crime-fighting dog and bunny duo.

While never quite living up to the lofty heights of LucasArts' 1993 classic Sam & Max: Hit the Road, both games bought their own wonderfully chaotic charms - Save the World's story starting with former child stars running amok before taking increasingly bizarre turns, and Beyond Time and Space going even weirder with everything from vampires to Santa Claus.

Cover image for YouTube videoSam & Max are back on PlayStation!
Sam & Max Remastered - PlayStation Trailer.

A third and final season, The Devil's Playhouse, launched in 2010, but that was the last we saw of Sam & Max in video game form until developer Skunkape - home to many of the original Sam & Max team - set about remastering the series after acquiring the rights to Telltale's Sam & Max adventures when the studio shut its doors in 2018.

Both remastered seasons - which came to Xbox, Switch, and PC in 2020 and 2021 - feature enhanced graphics, dynamic lighting, improved lip syncing, a new user interface, plus 16:9 aspect ratio and higher resolution support. Additionally, there's remastered and re-encoded audio, new voice work and music, new camera sequences, and character models have been tweaked to better match Steve Purcell's original comics. The difference is striking.

And now, PlayStation owners will finally get a chance to experience Sam & Max's dubious freelance policing antics when Save the World and Beyond Time and Space launch for PS4 and PS5 on 29th September. There's no official price for the PlayStation versions yet, but expect both games to cost around £16 based on other platforms.