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Sam & Max Season 1 finale

Bright Side of the Moon.

Telltale Games has revealed details of the sixth Sam & Max crime-caper that will bring the first season of episodic games to an end.

The Bright Side of the Moon tells of a lunatic scheme to mind control the entire world, incriminating all the sectors visited in the previous five games: the Mafia, the media, the Internet and the US government.

Once more it will be up to the slobbering doggy features of Sam and his lunatic bunny sidekick Max to save the day, infiltrating a lunar paradise to find and confront the evil mastermind behind the plot.

"Over the past seven months, we've had fun developing the Season 1 story and seeing the fans' reactions," said Telltale CEO Dan Connors in a statement. "The finale stands on its own as a game, but it's going to be especially satisfying for the players who have been with us all season long."

The season finale will be released on Telltale's website on 10th May, although North American gamers can get it on 26th April via GameTap.

Pop over to Eurogamer TV to solve the clues in the latest trailer, or sleuth into our gallery for the still warm screenshots.

Today also marks release of Sam & Max: Episode 5 - Reality 2.0, which sees the animal duo unravel a wicket plot in a virtual reality. You can find our review of Reality 2.0, along with our thoughts on episodes four, three, two and one elsewhere on Eurogamer.

If you haven't had a chance to tackle the PC adventure series yet, you can catch up with all of the past episodes on the developer's website. Each episode will cost you USD 8.95, which is around GBP 4.55 or EUR 6.93. Alternatively you can snaffle-up the whole set for 18 quid or 27 Euro-bob.