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Sam & Max Episode 2 launches

Demo and full game available.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The second episode of the new Sam & Max series is now available for GBP 4.60 (EUR 6.88) from the game's website, along with a free trial version.

The demo weighs in at 71MB and contains the entire episode's content, unlockable by purchasing a licence key online.

Situation: Comedy tells the story of a talk show host who's gone berserk and is now holding her unsuspecting audience hostage. Detective dog and rampant rabbit are called in to find out why, but first they'll have to prove that they're worthy of the limelight if they want to gain access to the stage.

Telltale Games surprised us with the first title, which we enjoyed immensely, so expect our thoughts on this soon. Meanwhile you can head over to Eurogamer TV to catch a glimpse of the game in action.

Episode 2 was previously released across the US and Canada on 21st December via digital distribution service GameTap.

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