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Sam & Max dev hiring for Wii

Telltale signs? Apparently not.

Sam & Max developer is hunting around for a Wii programmer. THEY MUST BE MAKING SAM & MAX FOR WII THEN!

Nope, apparently not. At least according to an official post on the forums: "We haven't made any announcements about why we're hiring a Wii developer and we really really haven't said that we're working on a Sam & Max game for the Wii," it said.

The developer has previously said it would like to do something, and even made contact with Nintendo. But it's keeping quiet about how things have progressed in that area.

"If we do [embark on a Sam & Max Wii project], you guys will be the first to hear about it, surrounded by 800 gigantic trumpets and probably some cherubs or something. But as of right now, you're talking crazy talk."

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