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Sainsbury's, Napster, Karaoke Xbox 360 apps headed to UK


Supermarket giant Sainsbury's and music streaming service Napster are among the latest brands to launch Xbox 360 apps.

More than 40 new applications are set to launch worldwide between now and spring 2013, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb announced.

One worldwide release we've already covered is Microsoft's new micro-transaction driven Karaoke app.

While free to download, you then pay per amount of singing time you "rent". It's 240 Microsoft Points for two hours, 400 Points for six hours or 800 Points for 24 hours. The service is expected to launch next week.

Microsoft today launches its SkyDrive cloud-saving service on Xbox 360, allowing you to share your holiday snaps and videos and display them on your TV.

Also coming to the UK are gaming sites Machinima and GameTrailers, anime service CrunchyRoll, arty movie service IndieFlix and sports broadcaster

The US gets Maxim and American TV channels MTV, PBS and The CW Network, meanwhile.

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