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Sainsbury's/Morrisons cheapest for MW2

We compare the market.

Food palaces Sainsbury's and Morrisons are the cheapest places to buy Modern Warfare 2.

The PS3 or Xbox 360 game can be yours for just £26. Well, in theory, as it's currently out of stock in Sainsbury's.

Your next best bet is either Tesco or, where the console versions cost £32 and the PC version around 30 quid.

Failing that, then GAME and ShopTo are selling Modern Warfare 2 for £42.99/£34.99.

After those you're left with the pack: ASDA, Argos, Gamestation,, HMV, where the game sells for £44.99/£34.99.

Alternatively, you could try eBay, which is littered with dirt-cheap listings awaiting bidders.

Local store prices may differ. Please let us know if they do, as we love a bit of gossip-slash-news.