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RuneScape's got a novel new way of dealing with bots

It's Botany Bay.

RuneScape has a novel new way of dealing with bots: Botany Bay.

It's a place where characters found guilty of botting are read their last rites and are then executed - in a manner of your choosing.

The robot helm-clad offenders can be smooshed by a giant dragon-like hand, swallowed into an abyss or burnt to a crisp by a beam from above.

Players forming the jury can also - presumably impartially - lob rotten fruit at the dirty scoundrels.

How does it get to that point? Well Jagex claims it can detect botting programs, and if you're caught at it, a brilliantly massive dragon-like hand comes down from the sky and points at you, over and over again. And then it picks you up and takes you away. A temporary ban, in other words.

Mess up again and you're suspended again, only this time for longer. Mess up again and that's it: three strikes and you're out. If there's space at Botany Bay, the banned character will go there to await their punishment. If there's no space, the character will be unceremoniously banned forever.

Other players hear of an active Botany Bay trial via an announcer who lurks at places all over the RuneScape world. The announcer teleports players to Botany Bay, and that's the only way there.

Why take part? Because you'll be rewarded with a pitchfork your character can wield as well as with some emotes.

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