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Romero's mobster strategy game Empire of Sin gets first gameplay trailer

Out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC next spring.

Brenda and John Romero's really-rather-wonderful-looking mobster-themed strategy game, Empire of Sin, just got its first gameplay trailer, courtesy of today's Inside Xbox livestream.

Empire of Sin unfolds among the shadows of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago, with players attempting to build their crime empire from the ground up - using business smarts, intimidation, and, yes, violence - in a bid to become mob king or queen of the city.

In order to climb to the top of the crime pile, you'll be able to indulge in the likes of bribery or black market trading, and even establish rackets (including speakeasies, breweries, casinos, brothels, or good old-fashioned protection rackets), all of which plays out in real-time.

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You'll also need to build a loyal crew of mobsters, with each potential recruit having their own traits and relationships that evolve over a game. "Schmooze, coerce, seduce, threaten, or kill them," explains publisher Paradox, "to get your way."

And when violence is required, be it against one-time allies or long-time foes, the pace switches to turn-based tactical combat, reminiscent of XCOM.

Empire of Sin, which gets its first gameplay airing in the trailer above, is due to arrive on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and Mac in spring next year.