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Rockstar toying with karma for GTA?

Our survey says... it's just a survey.

Rockstar appears to be considering a karma system for future instalments in the Grand Theft Auto series.

"Do you think the Grand Theft Auto series would benefit from having a karma system or good vs. evil actions mechanism that allowed you to choose you overall path by doing good or bad actions, where those actions have a cumulative impact on how the game unfolds?" asks a Play Insights survey, scanned by Da Ill One on Wii Space's forum.

We're waiting to hear back from Rockstar but, even authenticated, the evidence is little more than research and miles from confirmation of such a mechanic ever appearing.

But let's not put this to bed just yet. What do you think? Would a karma system be a big improvement, a minor improvement, neither better nor worse, slightly worse or a lot worse?

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