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Rockstar can't deny VCS PS2

No comment on ESRB listing.

Rockstar can't confirm or deny reports that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is on its way to PlayStation 2.

Speaking to Eurogamer this morning, a spokesperson gave us the usual line about not being able to comment on "rumour and speculation".

In this case though, the rumour in question is based on a harder fact than the usual speculative retailer posting.

This time the Entertainment Software Rating Board in the US had been found listing a PS2 version of the game, suggesting it had been submitted for approval by its publisher.

The listing was then pulled, and Rockstar wouldn't be drawn on whether it was legitimate or not, or why it had been pulled.

Vice City Stories was the PlayStation Portable's biggest game of 2006, and continues to top Chart-Track's PSP Top 20.

However with the previous PSP title - Liberty City Stories - having already been ported to PS2 and released at budget price, rumours of its transition to Sony's current-gen format refuse to die out.

Expect to hear more if and when Rockstar has something to announce.