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Rock of Ages is getting a sequel this autumn

Adds four-player multiplayer, new units and more.

Rock of Ages, ACE Team's devilishly delightful twist on tower defence, is getting a sequel this autumn on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Dubbed Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder, this sequel will continue the peculiar genre-merging mechanics of the first Rock of Ages wherein players deploy defences on a slope while their opponent does the same. Then, each player takes control of a sentient boulder barreling down their enemy's course in a race to smash through the other player's gate.

This time out things have changed in ways both big and small. Probably the biggest addition is that of four-player multiplayer where players engage in two-vs-two combat.

Furthermore, the players' tracks will intersect, so even though you're rolling towards different goals, you'll still have opportunities to smash into your opponents.

Naturally there will be a wider selection of units to defend your keep. Things like wandering elephants and gates should slow your enemy's roll.

Rock of Ages 2 will maintain one of the first game's best features: its Monty Python-esque art style as players venture through different time periods and cultural aesthetics. There's even some stages that look like impressionist paintings.

Take a gander at how it all looks in action in the announcement trailer below:

Cover image for YouTube videoRock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder Announcement Trailer