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Rising Star Games wants Deadly Premonition 2 players to know they're "working on" those technical issues

"Patches are in the works."

The publisher of Deadly Premonition 2, Rising Star Games, has issued a statement to assure fans that the "development team are constantly working on" the beleaguered sequel.

In Eurogamer's own review we revealed that "from a technical perspective, Deadly Premonition 2 is a disgrace", adding "its frame rate could charitably be described as inconsistent, but out in the open world, it's a migraine-inducing single-digit slideshow compounded by stutters and seconds-long hitches".

In response to the numerous complaints about the technical performance of the Switch successor, Rising Star thanked players for all their "feedback" in a chipper tweet before adding: "We would like to officially clarify that the development team are constantly working on improving the title and patches are in the works".

Director Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro further reflected on the issues in a live stream (thanks, Nintendo Life) broadcast ahead of the game's release last week.

"There will not be a patch released in time for the release date [...] but Swery's going to take everyone's opinions and points into account, and he's going to fight with the producer to try to get something done at some point after the game's release," Swery's translator said.

"Ultimately [...] nothing is likely to dissuade fans of the original Deadly Premonition eager for a second outing; technical shortcomings, wobbly game design, and questionable plot developments have been the accepted price of entry for over a decade now, but while the first game succeeded in spite of those flaws - serving up a meticulously implemented, and surprisingly emotional, murder-mystery that pulsed through its world and its citizens, seemingly in real-time - Deadly Premonition 2 often feels rote, lifeless, and rather hollow by comparison," Matt said in the Eurogamer Deadly Premonition 2 review.

"The inimitable Agent Morgan is undoubtedly Deadly Premonition 2's saving grace, and, truthfully, I'd happily endure its frequent tedium all over again just to spend more time together; it's just a shame that his long-awaited return couldn't be marked by a more inspiring adventure."

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