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Riot Games' secret FPS "Project A" might be called Valorant

Sage advice.

Riot Games' next game - codenamed Project A - is reportedly a tactical FPS called Valorant.

Riot revealed the game's existence back in October and since then it's been pretty quiet, but now Polygon reports that a fan Twitter account, ProjectAOnline, has revealed Project A's official name is Valorant.

So far, so what, right? Anyone can set up a Twitter account and photoshop some images. What makes this rumour seem credible, however, it that Riot fans have discovered a number of additional coincidences, including confirmation that Riot has registered a Valorant website in the same name, and is possibly behind the Twitter handle PlayValorant, which has stacked up almost 40,000 followers even though it's yet to post and was only registered earlier this month.

That's not all, though. Another Twitter account - this one entitled ValorantTheGame - has gone even further, sharing a leaked image allegedly of Project A/Valorant character, Sage. It also includes a sneak peek at characters Brimstone and Viper, and - if real - suggests the game supports chat and avatars, too. Described as a Sentinel, Sage's abilities include a barrier, the ability to slow enemies down, and heal enemies. She can also resurrection fallen comrades, too.

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League of Legends developer Riot Games' long-running gender discrimination lawsuit has entered a new phase, as a fresh legal counsel has rejected the developer's preliminary offer of a $10m settlement. Last December, Riot's proposed $10m sum was agreed to by plaintiffs in the class action case. But intervention from Californian state agencies in January left Riot having to deny allegations it colluded with the plaintiffs' legal team to settle for a lower amount.

Now, a fresh legal team has been brought in following the state's claim the lawsuit could be worth some $400m - not $10m - (a figure Riot reportedly said was "clickbait").

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