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Redout dev reveals first footage of its dogfighter spin-off Space Assault

Coming to PC in "Q1 2019".

34BigThings, the developer behind 2016's excellent anti-grav racer Redout, is hard a work on a new intergalactic shooter spin-off set in the Redout universe. It's called Redout: Space Assault and there's a first proper look at its dogfighting action in a new gameplay video.

Redout: Space Assault was apparently revealed back in June, in among the usual the avalanche of E3 announcements, and I'm sorry to say that the news completely passed me by. My interest is certainly piqued now, however: I had a lot of fun with Redout's breathless, gorgeously presented racing action (and its stupendous soundtrack), especially in VR.

At first glance, Space Assault's deep-space dogfighting would seem to suggest that this is Redout in name only. However, 34BigThings insists that its spin-off maintains "the adrenaline rush, high skill ceiling, frantic pace and popping aesthetics" of its predecessor.

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Redout: Space Assault, which you can see at least a small part of in the trailer above, will feature an "extensive" single-player campaign, alongside a competitive multiplayer mode. "Pick your loadout, assault mighty Corvettes, escort Cargo ships, engage in furious 1-on-1 duels, infiltrate colossal Motherships and blow them up from within", says 34BigThings of its new game.

The developer promises different ships and loadouts, each with its own strategic advantages out in the starry expanse of the battlefield, and the option to dock fighters in order to take control of larger Corvettes, upgrading and repairing subsystems as required.

34BigThings hasn't yet offered a specific release date for Redout: Space Assault, but it's scheduled to arrive on PC in "Q1 2019".