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Race Driver DS editor details

Create & Race shots and facts.

Codemasters has announced more details of DS title Race Driver: Create & Race's track designer.

"Once you've conquered the 32 in-game tracks, which include Silverstone, Bathhurst, Nurburgring, then Create & Race players can really challenge themselves and their friends with a never-ending number of track combinations," producer Jamie Firth explains.

Players will be able to lay down track on a grid-based template using the free-draw tool, with the DS working out fiddly bits like rotation.

Or you can add things like speed ovals, hairpins, chicanes, pit-stops, dips, bridges, run-offs and all sorts of scenery by hand. And then delete it with the rubber.

Once you're happy with a track, you can take a 3D fly-through of it or test-drive it on your own, and of course you can also race against the AI or join with up to three friends for single- or multi-card Wi-Fi play.

"There's nothing sweeter than inviting up to three friends to race on your very own track... and owning them on it!" Firth concludes.

We will be able to see whether he's right when Race Driver: Create & Race launches on DS this summer.

In the meantime, you can look at the track designer in more detail thanks to our newly-updated Race Driver: Create & Race screenshot gallery.

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