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Race 07 online demo ahoy

Face-off against 23 others.

Atari says that a new demo for Race 07 is now available to download. We checked and it is. Good work, Atari!

You can fetch it over on the official website, where it will speed down your digital chute until all 504.7MBs are done.

The demo will let you race online against real-life human people in up to 24-player races, zipping around the Anderstorp and Brands Hatch courses in either a BMW E90 or Seat Leon. Or you can play bots, if you're boring.

You'll probably also notice fresh features like weather effects splattering off of your exposed helmet as you zoom down into the new cockpit view.

Race 07 is the official World Touring Car Championship game, and boasts all the official names and faces of its real-life counterpart. The full version is said to have around 300 cars in nine different classes, as well as 32 locations to zoom around - you can also reverse those and use alternate track layouts.

Swedish developer SimBin will be making the ridiculously fast Formula 3000 cars playable this time, too, which will behave realistically so we can all experience just how flimsy and dangerous they are.

The first Race game was released last year to very favourable reviews, and follows the developer's past racing successes with games like GTR 2 - The FIA GT Racing Game.

Look out for our thoughts closer to the full game's release later this year.

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