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SimBin announces PC-only Race On

Available as standalone and expansion.

Swedish racing sim specialists SimBin have announced a new PC driving title called Race On.

The main draw is content from last year's WTCC competition, which in the tradition of PR hyperbole was the "best and most competitive championship ever." There'll also be Detroit Muscle cars, apparently "suited for those who like to lay down lots of rubber power sliding out of corners on the rev limiter. Enough torque to drag the moon off orbit, full opposite lock and a big grin on your face".

We're uncertain how much of the incomprehensibility of that statement is due to the writer's first language being Swedish, and how much is due to us not knowing how to drive.

Formula Masters cars are also chucked in to the mix, adding extreme cornering and simulated G-forces. There are also new American tracks, updated versions of old tracks, and the entire retail version of STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship).

The game will be available either as an expansion for existing RACE 07 owners, or as a standalone game including all of the RACE 07 content. Scheduled for release in quarter two of this year.

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