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Quake 4, Wolfenstein 3D, and more join PC Game Pass as QuakeCon begins

Discounts and freebies announced too.

QuakeCon returns today as another digital-only event, and Microsoft is getting the celebrations started a little early with the announcement that a fresh batch of Bethesda and id Software titles - including Quake 4 and Wolfenstein 3D - have now joined Game Pass for PC. Additionally, a couple of games are currently free on the Microsoft Store.

Starting with Xbox Game Pass on PC, five new titles have joined the line-up as of today. Alongside Quake 4 and Wolfenstein 3D, today sees the arrival of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, and The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard. Additionally, subscribers can unlock all champions in Quake Champions via a special Game Pass Perk.

And on the subject of Quake Champions, it's currently available free on the Microsoft Store, alongside two more QuakeCon freebies - The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall. Also on the Microsoft Store, Heretic: Serpent Riders, Hexen: Beyond Heretic, and Hexen: Deathkings are now available for sale.

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Of course, that's not quite it for freebies; as you might have spotted elsewhere, Doom 64 is currently free on the Epic Games Store.

And if it's QuakeCon discounts you want, there's no shortage on that front, with up to 70% off select Bethesda games - including the likes of Deathloop, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Doom Eternal, and the Dishonored series - on Steam and Bethesda's website until Monday, 22nd August.