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Doom 64 is currently free on Epic Games Store

No hell to pay.

You can currently get your hands on Doom 64 for free through the Epic Games Store. You could say this is one hell of a saving.

Rumbleverse - Boom Boxer Content Pack is also up for grabs as a freebie at this time.

These deals are both available until 25th August. After that, Ring of Pain will make its entry.

Cover image for YouTube videoDF Retro EX: Doom 64 - Remaking an N64 Classic For PS4, Xbox One, Switch + PC!
Digital Foundry talks remaking Doom 64 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch + PC with Nightdive Studios.

Doom 64 was originally released all the way back in 1997, however as part of the series' 25th anniversary it got itself a nice little overhaul in 2020.

This included things such as native 60 FPS support and upgraded visuals, among others.

It also saw additional "lost levels" added to the game, which continue the story.

Doom 64 acts as a sequel to Doom 2. For those yet to play, here is the official synopsis from the Epic Games Store:

"Years have passed since you stopped Hell's invasion of Earth. Quarantined for humanity's safety, the UAC research facilities on Mars were abandoned and forgotten...until now.

"A signal from a degraded satellite suggests a single entity remains, and it has the power to resurrect the demons. As the only surviving marine who fought Hell's forces, you are sent on a lone crusade to hunt down the Mother of Demons and stop a renewed demonic invasion."

Elsewhere in the news, Doom designer John Romero is currently working on a new first-person shooter with a "major publisher".