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Puzzle League DS dated

For Europe in June.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has revealed that Puzzle League DS will be released in Europe on 29th June.

It's known as Panel de Pon in Japan and is based around the puzzle phenomena of the same name. You simply rearrange blocks that rise from the bottom of the screen so that three or more of the same colour are linked. A little like Zoo Keeper. But if you let the screen fill then you will lose, and possibly be ridiculed.

You can play in traditional DS orientation, or rotate it on its side and use it like a book - giving you more vertical space to manipulate the touch screen.

There's various different modes to get stuck into, like Garbage mode where rectangular blocks fall from the top of the screen to clog up your playing area; Time Attack where you race against the clock, and Daily Play that throws a few random tests from different modes at you each day.

But arguably the real fun will come from versus play, where you can put your opponents off using dirty tactics. Reflect lets you throw all your garbage blocks onto someone else's screen, Twitch makes an opponents blocks shuffle around, and Paralyse makes another player's row of blocks immovable.

Up to four of you can slug it out locally using one game card, or you can head online and test your puzzle-power against challengers from all over the world. Failing that, you can just play the computer.

Head over to Eurogamer TV to see Puzzle League DS in action.

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