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Panel De Pon for DS

Out in Japan in April.

Nintendo Japan has said that classic puzzler Panel De Pon will be heading to Japanese DS owners in April (providing they pay for it, obviously), although there's no news on an American or European release.

It has been developed by Intelligent Systems, according to Famitsu magazine, and will mould classic Tetris-like puzzling onto the handheld's stylus-based approach.

Wi-Fi support for up to four humans is in, as reportedly is the inclusion of voice chat, which would be a bit of a boon and gift-wrap you ideal opportunities to make your opponents blunder by bellowing things like "grudge-pump" or "put your laces through it".

Not played Panel De Pon? Then get yourself to the nearest airport, where you'll discover it making up part of one of those random aeroplane companies' in-flight entertainment systems can't remember which one gotta go sorry.

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