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PSP suitable for MMO

D&D Tactics boss speaks up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics producer Lawrence Liberty believes the PSP could handle an MMO.

He was speaking to Eurogamer in an exclusive interview about his upcoming role-playing game, and said the only thing holding the platform back from going online was a potential lack of audience. So, er.

"There could be an MMO made for the PSP," Liberty told Eurogamer. "Even if it relied on a sizeable Memory Stick, the machine has the basic components to field an MMO. It could certainly handle something like EverQuest Online Adventures [PS2 MMO].

"This begs the question, would there be a market for a PSP MMO?"

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is an RPG with its roots firmly in traditional turn-based soil. Liberty reckons this is the best way to recreate the famous D&D gameplay, and that the lack of similar games on the platform will spell success.

He also remains optimistic that there's plenty of space in the genre-playground for RPG and MMO to co-exist; the rise of one won't stamp on the other's sand-castle, so to speak.

"I think there is room enough for both genres to thrive. The continued success of Final Fantasy is testament to that. The gaming market continues to expand, so I don't view the RPG market as fixed," he continued.

Look out for our full interview with Lawrence Liberty later in the week.

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is due out on PSP in September.

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