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PS4 and Xbox One both support eight-player party chat at launch

But current-gen headsets will have problems.

Madonna playing Killzone, yesterday.

Good news for people with seven friends - both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will allow for eight-player chat at launch.

PlayStation party chat will allow PS4 and Vita owners to converse with each other, the US PlayStation blog reported. But not all headsets will support party chat at launch.

Anyone hoping to use their PS3 bluetooth headset will need to wait for a post-launch patch in order to do so, even for Sony's own-brand PULSE headphones.

But, in the meantime, you can use the system's free mono headset.

Xbox One, like Xbox 360, allows eight-person party chat and will do so from launch, Game Informer confirmed.

You can use the included Xbox One headset out of the box, or can wait for Microsoft's current-gen headset adaptor to be released. Originally due to be released for the Xbox One's launch, the gadget has now been delayed until 2014.

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