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PS3 has "no chance of making money"

Lost more than PS2 made, says Perry.

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Acclaim boss David Perry has said that Sony will not be able to make a decent profit on PS3 sales due to selling the console at a loss, reports.

The outspoken game developer claimed the platform holder had lost more money on PS3 than it made during the five year sales peak of PS2.

"Because of the cost of making the PlayStation 3 and because they sold it at a loss, Sony basically has pretty much no chance of making money on the PS3, because it's lost more money than they made during the entire peak of the PlayStation 2 - it's not going to happen again for Sony," said Perry during his GCDC keynote speech yesterday.

"If they release the PlayStation 4 and have an even more expensive console and raise the cost of games by ten dollars, that would not be good."

Perry suggested Sony's much-talked-about ten-year plan for PlayStation 3 was a way to claw back development costs in the long-term.

"So this is going to force them to make the PS3 last longer and they're kind of positioning to do that," he added.

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