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PS3 game Way of the Samurai 4 release date narrowed to September

Slice to know.

PS3 game Way of the the Samurai 4 will arrive in Europe in September, NIS America has announced.

I'll just pop this rousing picture of Seven Samurai here to get you excited.

This is the taking-its-time-to-head-West lone samurai action game made by Acquire. The game was released more than a year ago in Japan, in March 2011.

Predecessor Way of the Samurai 3 arrived on PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2010. It allowed you to free-form roam feudal Japan and pick up the cause for numerous different factions. Depending on which one you chose to fight for, the game's ending would change. Completing the main campaign only took a couple of hours, and there were around 21 endings.

The game's hook was restarting and inheriting the items, weapons and money you accrued on your previous play through.

Sadly, the ambitious scope of the game wasn't fulfilled by the design and content, and Way of the Samurai 3 was defeated by a 4/10 Eurogamer review. Let's hope the sequel can do better.

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