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Way of the Samurai 4 to see Western release

PS3-only sequel out in the US soon.

UPDATE: Rising Star will be releasing the game in Europe at some point in 2012.

ORIGINAL STORY: The fourth instalment in Acquire's Way of the Samurai series is being localised for Western release more than a year after it first launched in its native Japan.

As detailed by the PlayStation Blog, XSEED will publish the game in the US. A firm release date hasn't been confirmed and there's no word on a European launch.

As is standard practice for the series, you'll step into the slippers of a lone samurai who has to decide whether to help a resistance group attempting to see off British traders, join forces with the foreigners to fight back, or assist government forces in keeping the peace.

Its predecessor made it to Europe in 2009 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 courtesy of Rising Star, though failed to impress critics.

"Way of the Samurai 3 wastes too much energy juggling the numerous ways it can end your story and not nearly enough on making the journey to get there worthwhile, read Eurogamer's 4/10 Way of the Samurai 3 review.

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Way of the Samurai 3

PS3, Xbox 360

Way of the Samurai 4


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