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PS3 Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC missing

EA cites "delay" in updating store.

The Dragon Age 2 DLC released on Xbox Live and on the US PlayStation Store yesterday is mysteriously absent from the European PlayStation Store.

Legacy did not appear on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Wednesday PlayStation Store update, prompting questions from puzzled gamers.

Eurogamer contacted Dragon Age 2 publisher EA for comment. A representative told us "it's an issue with Sony with a delay in updating the Store".

"As far as we are aware it's available on PSN."

However, we cannot see it anywhere on the EU PlayStation Store. Can you?

Eurogamer has contacted Sony for comment. Developer BioWare is yet to comment.

Legacy offers "several new locations" to explore, including a prison made by the Grey Wardens, as well as the promise of uncovering the truth behind hero Hawke's lineage and looting a powerful class-specific, upgradeable weapon.