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PS3 DivX playback imminent

Firmware expected tomorrow.

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Sony is set to launch version 2.10 firmware for PlayStation 3 tomorrow, introducing DivX playback among other new features.

That's according to the eagle-eyed NeoGAF forumites who uncovered information on the Spanish PS3 website. We've heard from independent sources close to Sony that it's accurate and not some sort of elaborate wind-up.

The DivX playback allows for VC-1 WMV files (providing you "Activate WMA Reproduction" in the System Settings menu), although it's not possible to play copyrighted files, those compressed with DivX 3.11 or files bigger than 2GB.

So what else is in there? Well, there's no in-game XMB as yet, but there will be Blu-ray 1.1 support, and a voice changer feature, with five presets and base and treble adjustments.

Sony has already said that the PSP will receive a firmware update tomorrow, introducing several Japan-specific features.

Expect more tomorrow.

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