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PS3 breaks 3 million mark in Japan

Plus: Xbox 360 on the up for once.

The PlayStation 3 has surpassed 3 million sales in Japan, finishing as the best-selling console for another week.

But a re-energised Wii and 360 are also doing well. Microsoft's platform is at 993,015 lifetime sales for Japan, by the way, and should pass 1 million next week.

Game of the week, according to Media Create data (on NeoGAF), is BASARA Battle Heroes on PSP. "Did you mean to search for BASRA Battle Heroes?" asks Google. No: this is apparently part of Capcom's Devil Kings series.

And just 86,000 sales is enough to lead the list, especially as fellow newcomer Muramasa: The Demon Blade shifted just 29,000 copies to finish at two. That Wii game is out here next spring courtesy of Rising Star Games. We've written our hands-on impressions of Muramasa: The Demon Blade already - Oli was quite taken with it.

Other than a PS2 sequel to Arcana Hearts and Wii Fit just managing to stay relevant at 10 again, there's little else of note.

DS games filled 21 of the top 50 slots, while PSP and Wii games filled nine places each. PS3 games took six spots and games for PS2 filled five slots. Xbox 360 games are nowhere to be seen.

This Week Last Week Title Platform Weekly Sales Lifetime Sales
1 New entry BASARA Battle Heroes PSP 86,000 86,000
2 New entry Muramasa: The Demon Blade Wii 29,000 29,000
3 2 Mario & Luigi RPG 3 DS 25,000 522,000
4 4 Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (PSP the Best) PSP 18,000 573,000
5 5 Pro Yakyuu Famista DS 2009 17,000 44,000
6 1 Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna Portable PSP 16,000 135,000
7 New entry Arcana Heart 2 PS2 11,000 11,000
8 5 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2009 PS2 10,000 104,000
9 6 Warriors Orochi Z PS3 10,000 195,000
10 10 Wii Fit Wii 9000 3,350,000
Platform This Week Last Week This Year Lifetime
Nintendo DS 47,542 62,409 1,117,835 26,237,478
PlayStation Portable 40,886 48,118 788,870 12,152,889
PlayStation 3 16,701 20,362 385,173 3,007,601
Nintendo Wii 13,349 15,525 418,612 7,897,513
Xbox 360 10,134 7,812 162,475 993,015
PlayStation 2 4351 5394 85,784 21,485,308

UPDATE: Sorry. This story originally read 1 million PS3 sales, when it should have been 3 million all along. We apologise for the error and really will try our best not to do this sort of thing in the future.