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Proving Ground demo on Live

Flick it up the nose pump.

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Tony Hawk has finally finished work on the demo for his ninth game, and released it today on Xbox Live [it's possible you've misunderstood - Ed].

It drops in at just over a gigabyte, and will let you skate around a small portion of the Proving Ground world.

Things you might like to try out on your adventures are the new Nail the Grab controls, where clicking the analogue sticks lets you control your hands when your board is airborne - or maybe you want to cut your own skating video with the new capturing and editing controls.

But there's lots more than that to come. You'll be able to modify your own indoor skate park in a great big garage, then invite your friends over for a cup of tea, for example. Or mess around with the scenery of the world to make your own organic skate-rink.

Plus it's all much bigger than last time around, and developer Neversoft is promising some bizarre music-synchronising video editing system (a bit like Guitar Hero note-matching) in the final box.

Proving Ground has also managed to not only retain the back-to-basics feel of Tony Hawk's Project 8, but improve on it with a grittier, more urban feel.

John Walker of writing fame went to see the game very recently, and came out with a large smile on his face. With hot competition from EA and Skate, now looks like the perfect time for Tony Hawk's to pull off a real tour de force.

Head over to our first impressions of Tony Hawk's Proving Ground to see why all signs point to must buy.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground is due out on PS3, Xbox 360, PS2 and Wii on 9th October

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