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Promising PvP MMO Crowfall reveals new look


ArtCraft has released a video showing a significant graphical upgrade to MMO-in-development Crowfall. Whereas the game was bright and colourful, now there's more atmosphere, fog and mood.

It serves as a great point to look again at the game crowdfunded-into-reality more than two years ago - a game that has now raised more than $12m.

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There have been steady, closed, pre-alpha tests for around a year, and serious progress has been made. Limited combat tests were fleshed out with new character classes, crafting and progression. The next biggie on the horizon is the Eternal Kingdoms system.

In Crowfall, you see, there are two main components. There are campaign worlds where players fight for months for domination and the resources that come with it. Then those worlds are destroyed and people take their spoils back to their Eternal Kingdoms - their own literal kingdoms. It's here the politicking and throne war aspect of the game comes into play as people position for power.

Watch on YouTube

Crowfall comes from people who made Shadowbane - an ambitious PvP-focused MMO, much like Crowfall. Keep an eye on this one. There's a Crowfall beta planned for later this year, or you can back the game now for Early Access.

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