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Priston Tale 2 beta opens on Saturday

Korean MMO set to bare all.

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Key To Play will open the Priston Tale 2: Second Enigma beta to the public this Saturday.

Doors open at noon, and you'll need to create a Key To Play account and download the client to take part.

That client can be grabbed right now from the official site, where you'll find a selection of mirrors to help speed up the 1.6GB download.

Priston Tale 2 is an MMO that comes all the way from Korea, and as such sports quite grind-heavy mechanics: there's lots of levels and quite open PvP for all. But then some people like that.

Plus, of course, Priston Tale 2 is free-to-play; basing its monetary hopes on micro-transactions from an in-game shop.

Also, Key To Play - an online game portal - launches its services to Europe with Priston Tale 2, and has taken extra care tailoring and tweaking the content for a Western audience.

Head over to our hands-on impressions of Priston Tale 2 to find out more. Or try it for yourself this weekend.

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