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Previously PlayStation-exclusive FMV thriller Erica heading to Steam

And it launches next month.

Erica, the formerly PlayStation-exclusive interactive live-action thriller from developer Flavourworks, is heading to Steam on 25th May.

Initially released on PS4 back in 2019 as a PlayLink title before making its way to iOS earlier this year, Erica tells the story of the eponymous Erica Mason (played by Holly Earl) who finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation after receiving something sinister in the mail.

As events unfold, Erica is forced to revisit the events of her youth in order to uncover the truth - with players helping guide the narrative in new directions by interacting with objects or choosing how to respond to the action at various junctures along the way.

Erica - Steam Trailer.Watch on YouTube

From an interactive standpoint, it's fairly simplistic stuff, but it still manages to hold the attention thanks to its suitably gripping (if undeniably silly) narrative.

It's a well shot, well acted, and well crafted mystery, and Eurogamer's Robert Purchese liked Erica a lot when he reviewed it back in 2019. "Erica is exactly the right length, pitched superbly in terms of what it demands of your hands (ie. not much), and natural to watch in a way even the most cinematic games still can't match," he wrote. "It's part of a new dawn for FMV games."

There's no word on pricing for Erica's PC outing just yet, but its Steam page is now live, should you wish to keep tabs on the game ahead of its 25th May release.

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