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PQube and Toge Productions settle disagreement over use of funds

Release plans for A Space For The Unbound expected soon.

PQube and Toge Productions have come to a financial agreement following a disagreement over the use of funds.

Back in August, Coffee Talk developer Toge Productions accused publisher PQube of misusing money gained from a diversity fund. Toge claimed this money was intended to finance its next game A Space For The Unbound.

"The diversity fund was a grant fund intended to help underrepresented game developers, especially during the pandemic," Toge Productions wrote at the time. "However, instead of giving those funds to the developers as the grant was intended, PQube Games intentionally withheld information about the grant and used it as a leverage for their own commercial gain.

"Rather than paying the grant money to us, PQube Games hid the facts about the grant's award and added it as a recoupable minimum guarantee and then used it to negotiate the increase of their revenue share."

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Now, the two companies have reached an agreement, as announced in a Twitter statement.

"We are pleased to confirm that Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio, PQube and Chorus Worldwide have reached an agreement to the satisfaction of all parties with regards to the release of A Space For The Unbound," it reads. "For the PC version, Toge Productions will continue to publish the game worldwide, while Chorus Worldwide will now be the global publisher for all console versions. Release plans will be announced shortly."

The statement acknowledges "there have been commercial differences in respect of some of the terms of the agreement between the parties".

As such, it clarifies that "all grant monies received by PQube were received by Toge Productions" and that "PQube has fully supported the return of rights to Toge Productions".

No further public statements will be made by any company involved.

"Toge, Mojiken, and PQube are grateful for the support of Chorus Worldwide in bringing together a mutually agreeable resolution, and respectfully wish each other well in their future endeavours," it reads.

However, while this particular disagreement has been resolved, PQube was also accused by developer Corecell of withholding funds in a damning statement.

PQube responded, which was once more disputed by the AeternoBlade 2 developer.

No further update has been given by PQube or Corecell on this matter.