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Pokémon X and Y sales hit four million in two days

The fastest-selling titles 3DS titles to date.

Nintendo has trumpeted a terrific two-day sales total for Pokémon X and Y: more than four million copies of the games were shifted over their opening weekend.

X and Y were the first titles in the series' history to get a global release across Europe, Japan and North America, but even combining past regional launch sales are still up on last year's DS sequels Black and White 2 by a factor of around 70 per cent.

But Nintendo will also be hoping that X and Y continue to sell in the weeks to come. Alongside today's news it compared the launch with total sales for the series' best-selling recent entries, such as DS incarnations Diamond and Pearl (17.63 million copies combined).

Game Boy Advance entries Ruby and Sapphire sold 16.22 million sold, ahead of Black and White (15.42 million) and recent re-makes HeartGold/SoulSilver (12.67m) and FireRed LeafGreen (12m).

"X & Y is the finest expression of [series creator] Satoshi Tajiri's obsessive vision yet," Simon Parkin wrote in Eurogamer's Pokémon X and Y review. "The transition to 3D is smooth and natural and the multitudinous additions to the proven formula will excite even the most jaded Pokémon fanatic."

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